In 1997 a company by the name of Simzor Internacional was launched whose primary activity was wholesale. In 2000, following a change in the ownership structure, the name was changed to Kataduzo, as was the primary activity, with the company mostly dealing with civil engineering since.


Our main activity is investments: construction of residential and office buildings, renovation and adaptation of buildings, sale and rent of residential and office buildings. Kataduzo LTD primarily deals with investments in the field of civil engineering, but in addition to this activity we also offer services in the domain of design, expert supervision, real estate management, project management, and consulting in the area of technical and technological, legal, and financial norms in the field of civil engineering.

The owner

of the company is Mr Zoran Nešić, a man with a vision. Mr Nešić’s motto is providing the best service at a fair price, while maintaining an honourable relationship. As a reliable partner with international experience, Kataduzo LTD is supported from abroad by Bavorio Holdings LTD, which is a shareholder in the company. Considering all this, the company cooperates successfully with domestic and foreign partners in the realisation of significant investment projects.

A professional relationship toward work and world-class organisation were achieved during the first few years and have been maintained to the present day. Under firm leadership, the company has rapidly grown strong, and enjoys a great reputation thanks to a professional approach to each project, the use of state of the art construction machines and tools, thorough and high-quality work, and respecting the agreed upon deadlines and all standards, aesthetic and functional demands, which is proof of our commitment to be the best at what we do.


Our primary capital is people. In order to be successful, Kataduzo LTD must be an appealing place to work. We offer a chance and impetus to our people so that they can reach their full potential. Our team consists exclusively of highly-educated staff willing to constantly learn and improve themselves. We work with clients as a team. Mutual respect and trust are the cornerstones of our success. Our professional team endeavours to understand the needs and expectations of our clients and meet them. Unconventional thinking, fast adaptation, accepting suggestions, and openness in all respects constitute the comparative advantages of our team.


We are a desirable and reliable business partner. By working professionally, quickly and exceptionally, we have earned an enviable reputation which we have been proud of for 20 years. We intend to continue evolving and achieve significant progress in all fields.

“We are a desirable and reliable business partner.”


Our business philosophy is based on the quality of building construction and impeccable real estate and project management which we stand behind completely. We have acquired our position in the marketplace by adhering to deadlines and a high quality in construction and other services. Kataduzo LTD successfully meets all demands while developing the accompanying potentials necessary for an excellent and competitive market presence in all fields. Through unconventional thinking we strive to meet the client’s every request. We are continuously committed to satisfying the client’s needs and quality standards in all segments while adhering to regulations in the area of civil engineering and other activities our company deals with both in Serbia and abroad.