Project aspects


Flat for a young married couple.


A concept design for the reconstruction of a flat in the blocks of Novi Beograd were based on the fact that the users were a young married couple and that they enjoyed spending time in the living area of a functional whole. Emphasis was put on the living room, dining room and kitchen, as well as the entrance area as a functional integral whole within the space.
The flat was well illuminated, and we used this as a base to design the flat using light grey tones and light wood. Coloured details in the fabrics, pieces of furniture and equipment serve as accents in such a surrounding. We also dedicated a lot of attention to artificial lighting which we divided into different groups so as to enable the user to adjust the atmosphere to their liking by making combinations.
The furniture with its clean and sharp lines was purposely designed for this flat. The dynamism of the furniture and interior elements is reflected in the alternation of closed and open parts, materials and colours, and in the transition between a functional piece and the wall cladding, the use of lighting as an integrated part, and the use of mirrors as effects. All these segments were designed with the idea that the user can really utilize every piece of furniture either as a functional piece or as an aesthetic corner drawing attention.


In this project we participated in all the project elements and execution processes. We designed the lighting and the furniture for production.


The project kept in line with the wishes and demands of the users throughout the entire process from idea to execution, proving that the principle of having the user cooperate in the project leads to a successful end product.